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List of Social Justice Speakers for Catholic Schools and Catechists



Catholic Social Gospel Teaching and Practice




Tom Goebel

Time with Mother Teresa and the Poor in Calcutta

Solidarity with Palestinian Christians & Pilgrimage

Ministry of Money

Speaks to Adults

Phone: Peace & Social Justice Ministry 815-834-4028



Art Leamy

Compelling Speaker to Adults on Social Justice

Advocate since the 60’s

Catholic Relief Service

Work of Human Hands

Catholic Campaign for Human Development: Social Justice 101

Speaks to adults or children

Phone: 630-963-4324


Maribeth Meaux

Mountaintop Removal: Its Effect on the People, Creatures, Earth, and Landscape and Our Part in the Devastation and Remedy

Global Warming and Possible Ways to Diminish Harm to the Earth. Speaks to adults E-mail:

Or or phone: 815-834-7283.

Speaks to adults and children of all ages


Joyce Ruhaak

Sharing Stories of Good News: Social Justice & Peace

Social Justice: A Woman’s Role

Eucharist, the Body of Christ, and Social Justice

(Liturgical musician & former teacher) speaks to adults or children Phone: 815-834-4036;


Colette Wisnewski

Resources and Lesson Plans for Educating Children in Catholic Social Teaching E-mail:

Writer, poet, & speaker to adults and children


Madonna Wojtaszck-Healy

“Reading It Right: Teaching Catholic Social Teaching

Values through Children’s Literature” e-mail:

Teacher, speaks to adults or to children


Criminal Justice Issues


Jana Minor

founder Companions Journeying Together e-mail:

Companions can offer safe, “do-able” projects for students to answer the call of Jesus to visit those in prison such as: prepare Christmas or Mother’s Day cards, packets of stationery, or help provide materials for storybook projects for the children of prisoners.

Speaks to adults and to children.


Sr. Juanita Ujcik

Director of the Center for Correctional Concerns, provides programs and ministery to the incarcerated in the Will County Jail. E-mail:

Speaks to adults.


Pat Williams

Kairos Outside e-mail:

Weekend retreat experience for families of men and women incarcerated or persons released from jail or prison. Pat is a grandmother. She speaks to adults and to children.


Joyce Ruhaak

Prisoner Visitation & Support e-mail: PVS is a national organization that trains and sustains visitors to federal prisons and military prisons. Minors cannot visit non-related incarcerated persons and so the topic is limited to adults.


Diocesan Missions


Sister Shirley Krull

Francis of Assisi and Environmental Justice

Diocesan Missions Speaks to Adults and children

Phone: 815-834-4029 e-mail:


Art Sheridan

Invitation and Stories from Missions in Bolivia,

Ecuador, Kenya, and two in Philippines

Speaks to adults and children

Phone: 815-834-4072 or e-mail:


Helen Bills

Retired nurse can speak to children or adults

about health issues or about the many diocesan

Medical Missions Phone: 815-834-4017 or e-mail:

Speaks to adults and children


Deacon Thomas Goebel Mission to Native Americans

or Deacon Larry Lissak “ “ “ “

Contact Peace & Social Justice Ministry 815-834-4028


Immigration Issues


Mehrdad Azemun

IL Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Website: Phone: 312-332-7360 x14.


Marcia Brown-Medina, MSW Phone: 815-933-7791 x103 e-mail:


Lisa Polega, SLW Peace and Social Justice Ministry Associate 815-834-4028;




Kathy Kelly


e-mail: Witness to Iraq & Palestine/Israel Conflicts. Founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Speaks to adults and children


Christian Peacemaker Teams (Chicago) Phone: 773-277-0253 Website: Excellent speakers relate their stories of time spent in solidarity with people oppressed by violence around the world.


Tom Cordaro, St. Margaret Mary Parish in Naperville’s Justice & Outreach Minister. Over the past 30 years Mr. Cordaro has worked as a professional speaker, writer, organizer and national leader in the faith-based peace and justice movement. In 2002 he was named a Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace. Tom is available to speak on issues related to current events and Catholic Social Teaching, including the "War on Terror," immigration, domestic spending priorities, consumerism and racism. . E-mail:


Ken Butigan,

Pace e Bene, speaks on nonviolence. Pace e Bene

Fosters a just and peaceful world through nonviolent education, community-building, and action. A small group of Franciscans formed it in 1989, but it is now diverse spiritually and culturally.


Dr. Marshall Rosenberg,

Director of Educational Services for the Center for Nonviolent Communication (Phone: 630-293-1056. e-mail myra Consult website: or national website:

Speaks to adults.


Doug Kasper

Information about counter-insurgency training of military from other countries at the School of the Americas located at Ft. Benning in Colombus, GA for use on human rights activists (e-mail: Speaks to adults and to children.


Conscientious Objection


Bill Ruhaak 815-729-0086

& Military Recruitment Presentation to high school students and/or adults



email us:



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