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A Pilgrimage of Peace to the Holy Land





"Indeed the Holy Land does not need walls, but bridges”



Dear Friends,


Saint Pope John Paul II encouraged pilgrimages to the Holy Land to express solidarity with the local Christian community.  Recalling his own 2000 pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Blessed John Paul II said Indeed, the Holy Land does not need walls, but bridges.  You are invited to be, like Blessed John Paul himself, a bridge of solidarity and understanding.


Co-sponsored by Catholic Relief Services, with the Office for the Missions in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois and the Office for Human Dignity - Missions in the Diocese of Joliet as your hosts, this pilgrimage will include visits to all the Holy Places, the “Ancient Stones”, important to the People of God.  We will walk where Jesus walked, and pray where Saint John Paul II prayed.  We will also take time to visit the descendants of the people with whom Jesus lived, the “Living Stones”; Palestinian Christians who live in Israel.


Each day will be steeped in scripture reflections, prayer times, and liturgy.  We will also have an opportunity to learn from local Christians, Muslims and Jews, hear from peace-makers and Middle-east issues experts, and witness efforts to bring peace and justice though economic development and empowerment. This will not be a tourist trip, but a pilgrimage or prayer, solidarity and the quest for peace.


Take time now to read testimonials of our past pilgrims. View a few pictures of places and faces you will see. Enjoy our YouTube video. Learn more about the situation in Israel and Palestine and the reason for our peace pilgrimage. Contact us with your questions. We hope you will download our brochure and register to join us on this important Pilgrimage for Peace in the Holy Land.


Your coordinators for this pilgrimage,


Vicki Compton and Deacon Bruce Carlson






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