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Introduction To the Bulletin Articles

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  • Would you like to raise your ability to apply your faith and the Church’s teachings to the most challenging social problems of today?
  • Would you like to become more prophetic, counter cultural, Christ-like and confident in discussions about difficult social policy issues?


If so, read on……



This site provides an original, on-going series of articles suitable for your parish bulletin. The intent is to help engage parishioners and engender more interest around our Catholic Social Teachings. Over time, parishioners will find that many of the contentious issues of the day can be framed effectively through reference to our best kept secret – Catholic Social Teachings. These teachings are drawn from both Scriptural sources and thousands of years of Catholic tradition, especially that embodied in Church documents over the last 120 years.


We hope you find this material informative, hopeful and prophetic. More articles applying Catholic social principles will be provided periodically over time, so check back often to see the latest – and to make reference to a listing of sources (references) and discussion questions for each article.


“Top Ten” Reasons for Visiting this Web Site Often:

  1. Provide some activity ideas (discussion questions) for your Small Christian Community or Social Concerns Commission
  2. Learn how to apply Catholic Social Teachings to your contemporary public policy issues
  3. Provide each article’s text, sources / references and discussion questions in one convenient web location
  4. Help guide parishioner’s conscience formation based on the moral framework embedded in Catholic Social Teachings
  5. Take a few steps toward making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren
  6. Help counter the self centered and convoluted rhetoric heard daily from the secular pundits
  7. Be exposed to the Scriptural basis of our Catholic Social teachings
  8. Gain some ideas about how to strike a common ground on highly polarized issues to help free ourselves from gridlock
  9. Understand how the “seamless ethic of life” and “seamless garment” concepts come out of our Catholic Social Teachings
  10. Provide our priests and deacons more ideas on to tie their homilies to our Catholic Social Teachings


For parish bulletin authors:

Downloadable file of the bulletin article without the sources and discussion questions.

Suitable for a full (8.5 x 11) bulletin page – just download, paste the image into your bulletin program and scale it to fill the page properly. Format provided is high resolution .jpg.


For most others:

Downloadable file of the bulletin article with the sources and discussion questions. Format is .pdf.


Condition of use: The articles may be used in bulletins and parish newsletters without cost as long as they are not modified by the using parish.


Future plan: Downloadable audio (.mp3) files of the bulletin articles.


We would appreciate your feedback on the article content and the formats provided.

E-mail: Robert.Wallace6@comcast.net


Our Contributor(s) for these resources:


Deacon Bob Wallace


Deacon Bob Wallace is a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Joliet. He ministers at St. Dominic Church in Bolingbrook, Illinois and has been a member of that parish since moving to Illinois in 1971. Ordained in 1984, he has been active over the years in a wide range of parish ministries, including Baptismal preparation, Marriage preparation, preaching, St. Vincent DePaul, and supporting the parish’s commissions and committees (Parish Council, Finance Council, School Board, Worship Commission).


Deacon Bob is married to Jan and they are the proud parents of four adult children – Brian, Ken, Matt and Amanda. Deacon Bob works full time as a management consultant guiding manufacturing companies in the area of business process and information technology improvements. He has an engineering degree, a Masters in Business Administration and has studied theology and pastoral topics at Marquette University and in his Diaconate formation program. Deacon Bob is a life long learner in diverse business and pastoral areas and is using many of the skills he acquired in his secular career for service in our Church.


Resources from others and this office may appear from time to time.


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